About Us!

Who we are!

We are specialist in providing pop up bars and exceptional spaces for your private events. We cater to your needs to create perfect and unique experiences for you and your guests; you can also catch us at festivals and events around London and the UK so watch out for the most chilled place in town.


Experience our wide range of outstanding chilled drinks from cocktails, frappes to smoothies. They are made from all natural ingredients. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of making colourful and exquisite cocktails.


If you need a bar we are at hand to help! We offer professional staff, equipment and services to cater for both private and public events. Let us build a unique event with you. Our aim is to provide a professional, stress-free experience and service at a competitive rate.  Give us a call for free onsite quote.


How we do it!


Step 1- Contact us and let us know what type of event or party you are interested in organising


We will need:

- Location of the event/party

- Date(s) 

- Type of event(s)

- Number of guests

- Duration of the event.

- Any other information/ including requirements.

If you have not yet finalise any of the above details, we are here to help!


Step 2- Organise a free onsite quote.


Step 3- We turn up and take care of the rest!


Get social with us.


Contact Number: 07518803250

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